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Do you want to become an English Tutor and earn money? The whole thing even from the home office!

We, Talk n practice, are looking for you as an English Tutor for our global online English language platform.

Are you fluent in English, are you students, dynamic, and a positive, passionate attitude to life, preferring flexible working habits and interest in working at home for an international company and earning good money?

Then welcome to the Talk n practice team. Join in and register today.

As a Talk n practice tutor, you can speak English online with our clients, as well as offering our customers the ability to chat in English and improve them accordingly. So English in word and writing.

Ideally, you also have sufficient internet bandwidth that allows you to communicate with our customers? (For voice chat we recommend a bandwidth of 150 Kbit/s, for video chat at least 400 Kbit/s)

You can divide your time yourself. Our customers are taught by the hour, one hour equals one lesson of 60 minutes.

Talk n practice offers the service globally and is therefore used 24 hours. So, whether in the evening, on the weekend, in the morning or at night, your English Tutorial Language Service is always welcome.

The payment is performance-based per completed school lesson. The more hours you use, the more money you make.

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